Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of the UK do you cover?
We cover pretty much all of the UK due to the fact that we have numerous regional offices.

How many years have you been doing this?
We’ve been working in the UK since 2005. However we have 9 years experience working in the Christmas decorating business in America.

I have a large home with lot of land, what can you do?
Then the world is you oyster! We could supply and install lights to follow your roof contours and gables, or how about icicle lights on the gutters? Then use small lights to highlight windows, or perhaps lit garlands. We would definitely suggest a wreath or two for your doors, perhaps an illuminated driveway, potted trees by the door, shrub and tree lighting - for larger tress we wrap each branch which looks utterly stunning. We use rope-light motifs and other exclusive products. Inside your home we transform doorways, banisters and fireplaces with handmade garlands and wreaths. Vase displays will enhance stairway tables and window ledges. Let us turn your dining table into something extraordinary and also install a real or artificial tree to suit the size of the room, specifically decorated according to a particular theme or colour of your choice. You can rest assured that everything will be planned with you and everything will suit your tastes.

How soon should I call to organise a decorating job?
The earlier the better! We say this because obviously the closer we get to Christmas the busier we get. The installation period is only 8 weeks long and so sadly we have a limit on the amount of customers we can accept. From early November we are doing installations for commercial clients, with residential homes starting at the end of November up until 23rd December. Basically the  sooner you call the more choice of install date you will have - and when you are in the diary you are in the diary!

What is the difference between your products and the ones bought in shops?
The main differences are really in quality - our lights for example are of a commercial standard and are top quality. The majority of our decor is hand-crafted and we often use unique products and methods that we have developed ourselves. Our suppliers make products exclusively for us on the whole - therefore they are things that you just would not find in any large department stores.

So, I’ve had a look around this site, like the idea of it, what next?
The first thing you should do is get in touch to discuss you initially requirements. We can answer any questions you might have. If you have some photos of the area you wish us to decorate that is always really helpful, and will enable us to give you a more realistic quote. Alternatively, we can arrange a no obligation visit to your home/office. We’ll make some suggestions and of course you are free to let us know your personal preferences and tastes. You’ll get to have a look at our vast portfolio of pictures and ideas for inspiration! Once everything is agreed you’ll go in the diary for an installation day and then a takedown day and you can leave the rest to us. 

I haven’t got a digital camera or any time to discuss it, but want it doing?
Don’t have time? Just give us free reign - let us know your budget and leave it to the professionals. We guarantee you will be amazed at what we can do. We are very used to working with PA’s and assistants so do get them to contact us if that is easier.

Who uses a services like this?
Good question! Commercially the biggest customers we have are public buildings, restaurants and hotels all of which want to impress their clients and visitors around Christmas. We have experience with nearly every type of building whether it be a race course or a football stadium, a retail shop or a small office.
In terms of residential customers it is mainly people who want to spend more time with their friends and family and less time up ladders putting up lights or in the loft looking for broken decorations. They are people who appreciate beautiful decoration and the collaborative process that goes into it. Clients range from higher income private owners of estates and larger homes to sports and television personalities.

I’m private about my home and affairs and not keen on having strangers in my home?
It goes without saying that if we work with you we sign a confidentiality agreement. Sometimes we never even know who owns the home that we are working in and that has never been a problem. We try and come in and out to do our job as swiftly as possible, with the utmost respect for your privacy.  We are more than happy to liaise with agents, personal assistants and caretakers, and to ensure that we get the job done as quickly as possible we send a large team. The maximum amount of time and install would take would be 2 days.

Will you install lights that I already own?
Sadly we can’t do this mainly due to the fact that we cannot guarantee their quality or that they will stay working through the festive period. With our own lights, if there is ever a problem, we will be straight out to fix it. We hope you understand.

Is there likely to be any damage to our property if installing outdoor lights.?
We try to make minimum impact with our necessary fixings for wreaths, garlands and lights.

What happens if our lights go out after they are installed?
Although this is very unlikely you can rest assured that if only one bulb goes our the rest of them will stay on. And of course if a large amount go out we will come and fix them for you.

How do the lights turn on and off?
You won’t have to worry about this at all as all the lights can be fitted with daylight sensors or timers so that they come on whenever you choose.

Will I need any electrical work carried out on my home before an installation?
If you have external power then this is not really an issue. Or we can easily lead extensions from the inside through a window or under a garage door. However, if it is unavoidably necessary our qualified and insured electricians can always install external power.

Do we have to be home for the installation?
No not at all. We often work with caretakers or property management companies - this way you can see the instillation in all its wonder once it is finished and we have left. The only thing we need is someone to 'sign off' the installation.

Can I add more decorations/lights after the installation should I want them?
Realistically this can’t really be done unfortunately as come November our diary is full. This is why it is important to really read the full proposal at the beginning to make sure there is everything you want on there. If there is something you particularly want at a later date we will of course try and fit it in but with our busy diary it might not be straight away.

Can we decide when we want everything taking down?
Once everything is installed we will discuss with you your preferred date for us to take everything down and store it.

Is there an extra charge for storing?
Not at all - this is included in the overall price.